Storyboard: Climb

Title Card:
And so they journeyed to the tower as they had been told.
“Go forth and rescue the Soul”

Notes: The main character starts out as a faceless drawing figurine. As they draw closer to the mirror, they start to gain flashes of detail, until finally there reflection shows a fully realized person.

Origin: Finch

when a boy becomes more then he is

A young boy is kidnapped from his home. A bird is pulled from the sky, and what’s in store for them is nothing less than bizarre.

Experimentation, deprivation and torture all lead up to a nightmare they thought only existed in urban legend. Being forced to share oneself, mind and soul, with a being you’ve never met.
Trapped in the same struggling body, and running out of time, can these two learn to adapt before they fall apart? Or will the men who subjected them to this fate get there way…

the Origins expand

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